Thursday, March 29, 2012

Repost: 1st Sunset PhotoShoot– Diplomat Hotel Baguio City


-Been a long time since my last post, I just sold my 2 cameras a few weeks back for a much needed “something”. I hope to get a new one anytime soon…

Reposting some of shots that can no longer be viewed here due to some errors…

--November 2, 2011 was a tiring day. I worked on lotsa stuff at work, and stayed there until 3:34PM local time. When I took of from the office, I texted my friend and asked if Diplomat Hotel is open. He said it is, and mentioned that he can go with me if I wanna take some pictures. And, so, it began…

This was taken at 5:06 PM. We just arrived at the place and I was overwhelmed by the scenery.


It was drizzling when we got to the rooftop of the hotel. Thought it was going to rain hard. I felt really bad, thinking that the effort was wasted.


A few minutes passed, and the sun started showing it’s beauty! – but of course, with the help of all the elements there, from the clouds, mountains, trees and other stuff.


We were running like kids, my friend is really a photo enthusiast, and I was like “WOW” – this is really awesome! Just started getting into photography and I never thought this is going to be the feeling you’ll get when you get to love it.


This was taken at the back of the record breaking “Guinness World’s Tallest Ten Commandments” inside the diplomat compound. – one of my favorite shots.


Funny thing was, I have lived near this area, but never really got the chance to visit it. And, my friend was like “REALLY?” – by the way, he mentioned this was the first time he got to see this kind of sunset from this area.


We enjoyed the “almost-a-30-minute-show” of pure beauty! Thank GOD for this! This was one of those days that made me realize = “never ever take anything for granted”.


My friend suggested to take my picture at the cross – I loved the idea! To my friend Emil, Thank you!





















This is it for now, I’ll explore more on the area next time – take more pictures.