Monday, November 28, 2011

Wrong Turn (Kadaclan Baguio City)

November 26,2011, 0350PM: Me and my friend went on a photo walk to Kadaclan, meters away from work. Interesting thing was we were suppose to take pics of the clouds from the Ranger’s House view deck. We actually found a path leading somewhere – thought it’s Camp John Hay – turned out we were wrong. (Hahahaha) – Enjoy!
This was the road we took going to Kadaclan – ohhh, a very long walk.
We arrived at the view deck and the clouds looked like these…
Then we found this path… It’s a bit dangerous, only a few inch away from the edge of the mountain.
Took a pic of the path…
A view from the path…
We had to pass a very steep mountain, going down – funny because you just can’t control your speed walkin down.
We finally reached the low grounds… I loved the shadows and took a pic of it.
Then we found this or we followed this kinda-old-road, sun was about to set.
And just followed it, until we found a NEW looking road, parallel to the old one.
Here’s the new road – with no fallen branches, twigs, leaves, cleaner than the old one. Oh, and yeah, my tripod as the extra, hehehe!
More shots from the place.
This stop sign looked like it was really hurt – got some real history out there.
Was getting really dark when we realized we’re not anywhere in JohnHay. We saw some guards / security personnel and realized we’re in a private property – not really sure if we’re allowed to be there. So we rushed, almost ran, and went back to where we started.
That was tiring – going back – luckily, we were not seen, we were not able to see “anyone” unusual – but we were able to see this when we got back to the view deck.
That was an awesome trip… So much for the day, was really tired – but it was worth it. I’m coming back for a sunrise surprise…


  1. i enjoyed it so much! "wrong turn" perfect title man. we should have stayed till dark and it could have been more fun! hahaha. lets go back here again and ghost hunt!

  2. @asiong: yeah, we need to capture the sunrise

    @ MAriann: love your photos - hope to get to that level to =] hope you enjoyed mine...

  3. oh i love pine trees of baguio city.. perfectly created by God, so wonderful =)

  4. @jessica: ur ryt, things i love about baguio=]

  5. All I can say is... ADIK! I never thought you have this talent( or it's jz the features of your cam?) Whahehe.. just kidding! It's awesome :)Hope to see more next time (including a pic of me.. hehehe) Better to have this kind of hobby rather than any other. You know what I mean :)

  6. @BAdz: ahahahaha! just startin to get into it - im really lovin it - stress releiver :-)

  7. oh friend ka ni asiong photoblogger din wow.. Ill be in Baguio soon!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. @mark: thanks dude, well sana nga magkita kita tau dito

    @J BAr: thanks, just startin to get into it, sana nga magustuhan nio pa ung iba - thanks ulet


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